Monday, May 7, 2018

Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass is also called:Smart Glass, Privacy Glass,TINT Glass,PDLC Glass,Smart PDLC Glass,Electronic Glass, is a laminated glass product consisting of a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film sandwiched between two layers of glass and two layers of conductive inter layers. This PDLC film is what allows you to change the visual appearance of the glass from opaque (translucent) to clear (transparent).When electricity is applied to the film the liquid crystals line up, changing the glass from opaque to clear. Conversely when electricity is removed, the liquid crystals return to their normal scattered positions changing the glass back to opaque.

Smart Glass Structure:

Switchable smart glass structure

How does  Smart Glass work?/Smart Glass working principle:

The Advantage:

Highest Clarity in the industry,
Exceptional optical quality,Light Transmittancy
Protects by blocking 99% of UV rays
Control of light transmission with our variable solution
High light transmittance ensures maximum light, still maintaining privacy,Does not scratch off like coatings
Environment Friendly and Energy saving,Saving on heating & cooling costs through Solar reduction
Immediate control of privacy,Block unwanted views and viewers,Improvement in users with greater security
Customized size available.
Easy to install, operate and maintain free
Efficient use of space in building
Aesthetically attractive
Safe with Low applied voltage

The Applications:

room partitions / dividers
solar control / security panels
electronic curtains / blinds
counters / display cases

and much more…
Glass Partitions
Switchable glass is a perfect partner for glass partitions, whether in the office to provide meeting room privacy, in retail to add a sense of style and occasion for customers, or even at home to hide a child’s play room when not in use.
Switchable glass can be installed into frameless or framed systems too, giving flexibility in design and installation.
We work regularly with architects, contractors, designers and homeowners to provide assistance and advice on selecting and installing ARCHITECTURAL GLASS products.
So, please do get in touch if you have any questions, or want to discuss your ideas for switchable glass partitions.

Meeting Rooms
Meeting rooms and boardrooms are often areas with a need for privacy, but that doesn’t mean they have to be sectioned off from the rest of the office, cutting out light and creating a claustrophobic environment.
Our range of switchable glass products offers an attractive and flexible solution. Intelligent Glass retrofit switchable film can be applied to your existing glass so there is no need to replace. This can be a cost effective option.
Whether a new development or an office refurbishment, switchable glass is the perfect choice. Intelligent Glass works with many contractors and the glass can be installed to be all types of frames, track and partition systems.
So, please do get in touch if you have any questions, or want to discuss your ideas for adding switchable glass to your meeting rooms.

Showers and Bathrooms

Switchable double glazed units for external glazing and switchable laminate glass for internal applications offer a perfect privacy solution for bathrooms.
It offers an alternative to blinds and curtains which cannot offer a modern solution and can quite often be difficult to maintain in such an environment.
Switchable laminate glass offers the wow factor to any wet room divider, shower screen or dividing glass wall between a bedroom and en-suite.
Our laminated switchable glass (specified to 11.5mm thickness) was used to create the walls of a shower cubicle. The floor-to-ceiling panels are 2,180mm high, finished with translucent sealant and connected to an automation system.
So, please do get in touch if you have any questions for using switchable glass in a bathroom or shower.

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